Tattletale Saints

Big City Women Big city women, pretty as a pay check
Stubborn as the buckle on your shoe
They seen every walk of life riding on the subway
So they’ll never be impressed by you
Big city women, cool and calculated
Got you where they want you to be
I'm laying on that southern charm
But my howdy must be broken
Cos these city gals just walk all over me

I had a good hearted woman, name was Isabella
Sweetest little thing in Tennessee
Soft hair, green eyes the colour of a melon
Couldn’t get enough of loving me
But I was fixed to the vision of slick city gals
With their parties and cocktails and cabs
I said “Don't cry Isabella” as she drove me to the station
“You'll find yourself a simple country man”

Well I’m doing alright, wining and dining
A different kinda woman every night
But pretty soon my credit card was scrapin' the bottom
And I knew I was been taken for a ride
So I called Isabella, heard the voice of my angel
Said “Baby, I'm coming back home”
She just laughed in my face and said “Don’t bother city boy - this town's a whole lot better with you gone”

Sonoma County Wine I’d been going since day break, over the sierras and the salt lakes
Had a little trouble with the engine round about the Arizona line
I found a little motel as the sun was going down
I wasn’t looking my best, I needed some rest, so I never expected what I found

He was dirty as a dishrag, dressed up like a yard sale
Wandered into my office like a old dog sniffing for some food
But he spoke in a soft voice, said “Can I get a room Miss?”
Put his hands on the counter, smiled and looked me in the eye

So I called up the front desk, asked her how she was doin’
Said are you getting off soon, you wanna come out tonight?
She was a little hesitative, but I could tell she was thinking
So I said I got a bag of weed, a fifth of whiskey and a bottle of Sonoma County wine

Well it hadn’t been the best week, tired of the tourists and tumbleweed
I was staring up at the clock when I heard the phone ring

I guess I’m typically a shy man, I didn't get my hopes up high
But she said “Hmm, meet me by the pool in a half an hour”

He had his feet in the water and his eyes on the night
He kissed me on the cheek and handed me a paper cup of wine

We talked into the morning, made love until the dawn
She said “I don’t know where you’re going but I wish I was coming along”


It was late in the morning, I turned and she was gone
I gathered my possessions and thought about picking up the phone
When I got to my car she was leaning on the hood
She said “I don't know how you feel about travelling alone, but I think a little company is good”

That’s when he called up the front desk, asked me how I was doin’
Said are you getting off soon, you wanna come out tonight?
I was a little hesitative, but I like the way he was thinking
When he said I got a bag of weed, a fifth of whiskey and a bottle of Sonoma county wine

I Did This to Myself I did this to myself
Threw it all away
Couldn’t stand the distance
Wouldn’t last the wait

I wanted to be decent
To your ever patient heart
But I let you go like an employee
Broke our dream apart

If only you had cheated me
All those long weeks on the road
If I returned home to find you in his arms
I wouldn’t still be stuck here on this carousel of doubt
I wouldn’t still be missing you

My times I’m lonesome
Stumbling and lost
But I won’t take no pity
For I did this to myself


Many times I’m broken
By what my haste has cost
But please brother don’t console me now
For I did this to myself
Down The Road And Back Again

It’s happened 20 times before
When I think we’ve reached the very end
We have a fight and words are spoken
You’re crying on the back door step
So I get my coat, I pack my things
I say so long I’ll see ya then
I curse your name and start the engine
But I’m down the road and back again

Sometimes it’s just the smallest things
But the way you talk to me it hurts
It don’t matter what you mean
It’s in the way you speak the words
I chew it like a stick of gum
I hold my breath and count to 10
I tell myself we need a break
But I’m down the road and back again

Every time it’s just the same
Why can’t we learn from our mistakes?
Will this horse ever stay dead, or must we flog it every day?
You and I we’ve had some fun
And babe you just can’t win ‘em all
They can’t say we didn’t try
I guess it’s time to cut and run

We work it out and make some changes
Everybody’s feeling pretty good
Let’s have a date night every Thursday
Yeah maybe Tuesdays I can cook
It’s ok for a couple weeks
Then you catch me looking at your friend
God, it’s a full-scale disaster
So I’m down the road and back again
I Don’t Sing So Much No More

I don’t sing so much no more when I’m standing in the shower
when I’m hanging my old t-shirts on the line
I don’t whistle while I’m working, won’t hum to the radio
all my old familiar songs; the tune is all but gone
so I listen to the sound of my t-shirts in the wind
and I hear the wash of traffic going by
and I lull myself to thinking it’s your car coming in
and you’re singing from the driveway
up the pathway to our door
then I remember why I don’t sing so much no more

Kathleen Kathleen, Kathleen
If I didn’t know better I’d have guessed you’re ‘bout 17
With that turtle blue chemise, hiked way up above your knee
I’ve been looking for a girl like you, Kathleen

Kathleen, Kathleen
So your daddy is a banker and your mamma was a beauty queen
All coddled up and sweet, “Ma jolie petite chérie”
Why don't you let your hair down a while, Kathleen

Kathleen, Kathleen
The highway lights slip soft across your cheek
Come on and follow me inside, you can rest your tired eyes
Just lay back on the motel bed, Kathleen


We’ll slide down through the counties, skip from town to town
If they ever get a lead on us we’ll be 3 weeks down the line
We’ll sip on Margaritas beneath a cavalcade of stars
Sittin’ on the balcony, my golden gal upon my knee
I’ve waited oh so long for thee Kathleen

Kathleen, Kathleen
You know it breaks my heart you won't give yourself to me
But it makes no difference how hard you cry
The woods are deep and the winds are wild
There ain't a soul for 50 miles
Your daddy can't save you now


If I Had a Dollar If I had a dollar for every time I’ve cried
Every time I’ve hung my head or searched for reasons why
I could buy myself an island under a distant set of stars
Build it up, start again, and wring you from my heart

But we heal slow
A penny at a time
A piggy bank with little pieces of your heart inside
It’s never easy; it goes at its own pace
So if I had a dollar I bet I’d feel just the same

If I were a rich man with my new life in the sun
Eating shrimp, drinking Beaujolais, feeling free and having fun
The daylight hours pass quickly, it’s when I pull the blinds
That what I thought was in my past moves from shadows to the light


Just the same, just the same
If you’re worth a million, or have a penny to your name
It’s just the same, it feels the same


A Scarf Of Light A scarf of light, the emerald dew
The morning breeze ripples the blue
I hold her head and keep it down
At first she kicks then not a sound

Walking back, cobbled streets
People smile and wave to me
But I curse myself for my favourite shoes
Are thick with mud and soaking through

If they catch up with me, asking what I plead
I’ll say it was she who struck the first blow
I’ll say not guilty sir, say it was me or her
For she put a dagger right through my heart

The churchyard fills with couples dressed
In bowler hats, Sunday best
I hear the words my young love said
She’d found another and soon would wed

As the old bell tolls, I take a seat
I feel His love, I bathe in it
I taste the wine and break the bread
A trail of mud with every step


Returning home, the noon sun beams
I feel absolved, my conscience clean
I scrub the shoes, but the dirt won’t rub
It’s clings to my skin, it’s under my nails, it flows through my blood


Seabird I swear I can smell the ocean on her body
And feel the trade winds blowing through her hair
And when she moves I see her as a seabird just drifting
Slowly shifting in the early morning air

Yesterday she told me that she's moving back to Spencer

To be beside her mother as she dies

I tell myself that maybe she will come back when it's over
But in my heart I know what she desires

Her Mother's been a spring for us, a cradle when we needed;
A blessing in our ever changing lives
It’s cruel how much it hurts when something disappears completely
Though you’ve known it’s coming for the longest time

I hold on to a photograph I found of you in younger days
Your hair is yellow, blown across your face
Standing on the sea wall, in the distance there is Spencer
And a seabird high above the waves
Little Richard is Alive and Well in Nashville, TN

Little Richard, he lives on a downtown street
In a flash hotel, in the penthouse suite
Rolls out in the morning when the tourists are gone
Sips coffee in a wheelchair, with a sequin robe on

I got a friend works the gift shop down the end of the hall
She says he smiles as he passes and stops in to talk
About Pentecost, Church song and the sweet reverie
But most days he glides by, lost in a dream

I hear he goes driving in a Cadillac coupe
The windows rolled back, just taking in the view
Down the old roads and boulevards; the leaves turning gold
Feeds ducks at the lake in the afternoon glow

Back at the suite, there’s a stew on the boil
The same as his mama made when he was just a boy
Beans and tomatoes, the smell of smoked meat
Curls through the hotel and out to the street

I play down on Broadway in a rock and roll band
We sing “Wop bop a lula”, while the people all dance
And when the front door swings open and that sweet smell blows round
Well I swear we play better when Little Richard's in town
Yeah the band just sounds good when Little Richard’s in town
Little Richard, Little Richard, Little Richard's in town